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Zavijah is an industrial and refinery system, and provides a decent range of machinery at the Ocellus station of Wheelock Ring, which also - though admittedly a fair distance out - provides surprisingly good outfitting and a decent shipyard.

The system is governed by LHS 2541 Alliance Combine, which expanded into the system on December 27, 3302 and for several months was comfortable running an office in the system, as the faction was occupied was affairs elsewhere. The opportunity arose in June 3303 and after a short war with assistance from the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps, Zavijah was brought into the Alliance on June 12.

System layoutEdit

Minor factionsEdit

  • LHS 2541 Alliance Combine
  • LHS 295 Universal Corporation
  • Movement for Denebola Green Party
  • Zavijah Exchange
  • Zavijah Focus
  • Zavijah Gold Ring
  • Zavijah Independents



  • Notes about the system.