The Kuun-Lan is a player group (faction type) that.. etc.

About Edit

We are the Kuun-Lan. A kingdom forming on the borders of human space. A kingdom founded on the story of an ancient myth. We are out to create a safe and peaceful place among the stars, guided by the values of an ancient Empire thought to have once controlled the Milky way. Our kingdom has no room for corruption and taking advantage of the weak.

Our pledge is to the Human race, our pledge is to the people. United under a single ruler we need you to fight along our side to instate these values among all our people by all means necessary. All pilots report to Kuun-Lan and her people, to what one day will be a peaceful way of life for all of mankind.

Systems Edit

  • HIP 105408
  • Diabingo
  • Puruma
  • Chiko
  • Ndjala
  • HIP 106288
  • Bulkun
  • Narasinha
  • Kangthitani
  • Heptis
  • HIP 104292
  • Wandir
  • HIP 103208
  • Autroch
  • Gliese 9735
  • Sadharra
  • HIP 107397
  • HIP 103578
  • HIP 105929
  • HIP 106100
  • Tai Szu
  • Goplang

Structure Edit

Rank Description
Recruit New members of the order start of with this rank.
Acolyte Soldier
Royal Guard Special title for combat pilots with outstanding service.
Sentinel Lord of a starsystem within the Kingdom
Deacon Count of 3 starsystems within the Kingdom
Guildmaster Duke of 5 starsystems within the Kingdom

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