The Ancients of Mumu is a player group (faction type) that.. etc.

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[in-kom-pi-tuh nt]

not competent; lacking qualification or ability; incapable:
an incompetent candidate.

The members of the Ancients of Mumu.


For roleplay see our thread on the official forums:

Initially the group was known as The Mod Squad, a group for playing CQC made up of moderators. However, when FD offered groups to get their own factions in game we took the opportunity and got the Phekda system.

For about a year we never acknowleged we were the owners of that group and there was lots of speculation as to whether it was a player group. Due to our secrecy, another player group, AID (the Allies), controlling Perez Ring Brewery resolved to take over the system assuming it was an NPC faction. This resulted in a struggle for control, and us finally revealing ourselves as a player faction. Over the following months a series of diplomatic talks took place, the end result of which is while Mumu retains control of our home system while Perez Ring Brewery maintain second place and controls a station.

Now that we are public we have opened our ranks to allcomers. We don't have much in the way of leaders or rules. Just don't be an ass in game, try to be a hoopy frood, and support Mumu as and when you can.

While an independent faction, we are nominally allied with all Alliance factions.


Our claim on Phekda caused quite a bit of controversy. Its a system with a lot of lore, initially a pirate haven, and was permit locked. We applied for the system before FD implemented the rules on which systems people could apply for, so we got lucky. Some people were not happy with this, and due to issues with mechanics in relation to permit systems, and the fact there was a player faction there, FD decided to remove the permit requirement. Some people were not happy with that either. There again, some people seem to be permanently unhappy with everything.

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  • Phekda - Home system of the Ancients of Mumu. The system is twinned with a garbage dump.
  • Brizo - A system where we have a presence. Good for bounty hunting due to the presence of a Haz Res
  • G 122-60 - A system where we have a presence. Decent outfitting and markets.
  • Megrez - A bad expansion and one we would quite happily retreat from.

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Rank Description
Recruit New members of the order start of with this rank.
Regular Those who eat All-Bran
Trusted Nobody is trusted
Lieutenants Pronounced properly, it's LEF-tenant of course.
Quartermaster The one with the stores. Behind the doors.
Leader An anarcho-syndicalist commune. They take it in turns to act as sort of executive officer for the week.

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