The Allied Order of Exemplars is a theocratic group of jaded Alliance operatives and rock hermits.They are blessed to be making their home the California nebula and consider themselves custodians of the peace in the region.

About Edit

The Allied Order of Exemplars' aims include providing economic counterbalance and tentative oversight and assistance to Turner Research Institute expansion activities in the California sector, while providing security and stability for any that make the pilgrimage to the nebula.

History Edit

The group originated as a fringe group working for Alliance theocracies, their efforts in this regard may have resulted in recognition as an official faction however their home territory was assigned to a new Alliance corporation.

Leaders of the group, presuming they would be sidelined as many religious scientists are, requested placement in evermore distant areas. In a shock move in late 3303 they were granted access to permanent facilities on the newly built Darwin Research Facility within the California sector, causing a stir within the Assembly and concern from certain powerful groups already dubious of the value of their ethical research and augmentation programmes.

From the station they provide logistics and low-security personnel to Turner Research Group who continue their dominance of the California Sector with impartiality. This partnership has allowed the group to run a consciousness research and development programme looking at advancing the mental and psychic capabilities of the human and cybernetic form.

Politics And Playstyle Edit

The group is known to be profoundly anti-crime and tend to be non-aggressive.They have a positive code of ethics particularly when it comes to issues regarding personal liberty such as slavery. They engage in all of the legal activities available to them as their territorial policy gives members the time to pursue secondary goals.

Joining The AOE Edit

Join Via Discord, inara or PM a group member on xbox.