Teaka Elite Altruists Bagging Cooperative is a cooperative player group of altruistic pilots.

Commonly referred to as Teabaggers (don't google it!), or formally as Ceremonial Teabaggers - the faction has been in existence since August 3302[1].

Members of the faction are generally helpful, nice and possibly a bit silly. (They're also largely unapologetic about this because they're too busy having fun doing it.)

The group focuses on Community Goals and Rare Goods as well as assisting other pilots and groups. If it's altruistic.. they'll probably be involved.

About Edit

The player group can point its origins to the outbreak of the Cerberus Plague in 3301 and the subsequent discovery that the Rare Good Ceremonial Heike Tea was the only way to counteract the disease.

During the second outbreak of the plague in 3302, pilots who were purchasing Heike Tea started to organise large collaborative efforts to load vessels with the Tea, in order to combat the issue of limited allocations. While this was not a new tactic, Cmdr CajunController coined the phrase "Tea Baggers" for the participants in the Community Goal[2] and the phrase Teabagging[3] shortly followed.

Several of the pilots who had worked together during the Community Goal decided to create a new faction in order to promote this collaborative tactic. Thus the Ceremonial Teabaggers came into existence. Things haven't quite been the same in the galaxy since.

After the plague was successfully eradicated, the faction voted on Teaka as their new Home system. Teaka soon became known as a haven for some of the displaced populations which had been affected by the plague, as well as a focal point for research into making new and delicious blends of Tea.

Systems Edit

  • Teaka
  • Nisgayo
  • Evejitaka
  • Seliacha
  • Svanticani
  • Cenu Kichs
  • SRS 2543
  • LHS 3739
  • Batz
  • Gabietye
  • Piculta
  • LP 931-40
  • Lusonda
  • LTT 8419
  • LTT 8914
  • LTT 8648
  • Upsilon Aquarii
  • Vanir
  • 53 Aquarii
  • LTT 9315
  • Blodes
  • Ra (present)
  • Undines (present)
  • Valki (present)
  • Kuruacani (present)

Leadership and Members Edit

Teaka Elite Altruistic Bagging Cooperative has an administrative leadership which consists of a "Round Table".

There is no formal rank structure and large decisions are reached through democratic processes.

Membership is informal and pilots are welcome to retain and apply for membership within other player groups.

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References Edit

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