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Saureinja, oh Saureinja. However lovely the name, and its double diphthongs that suggest a Shangri La, an El Dorado, or other mythical place of beauty and wealth, instead it is typically pronounced with a sigh or shudder by those who have actually visited it.

An extraction and refinery economy and low security system of a little over 60,000 souls, it is hampered in its development by all signs of human habitation and activity being over 140,000 Ls from the entry point, which the only exception a compromised navigation beacon that just sets the tone for the dangerous trip to the outposts of Linge Relay and Lichtenberg's Claim, and Maire's Folly surface port, the latter the only star port in the system that allows large ships to dock.

Future of Udegoci, the current ruler, entered the system on December 18, 3302, but with the volatility of the system did not take the system till April 6, 3303. The dangerous long trek towards the stations limits trade, or even bounty hunters collecting bounties locally - given that they can cash their bounties much easier in nearby Future of Udegoci systems. Diplomats of the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps (AEDC) have supported Future of Udegoci in pacifying and managing the system, but the distances involved and the accompanying difficult logistics have so far not been able to stabilize the situation.

System layoutEdit

Minor factionsEdit

  • Future of Udegoci
  • Saureinja Council
  • Saureinja Legal Organisation
  • Saureinja One
  • Saureinja Services
  • Savi for Equality



  • Notes about the system.