Home system of The Ancients of Mumu

"The long established Phekda population are adherents to the entity "Mumu". Their aim is to maintain the substance and nature of their society and protect their home system from incursion by any non-believers. Founded in the 12th century, while still planet bound on Mother Earth, the (then) Adherents of Mumu sought to better their environment for the benefit of others.

When the first generation ships were due to leave Earth their society chose to seek to colonise a system far from Earth as they believed they could get as they had come to the sad conclusion that Earth itself appeared to be not worth saving. The colonists, by and large, survived the journey, arriving in the Phekda system several hundred years ago. A significant proportion of the first settlers had developed a sincere hatred of space travel by the time they made first landing.

Unfortunately for the settlers, their targeted planet proved to be rather too volcanic for the liking of some of their number (imagine Krakatoa, Etna and Thira taking turns to erupt on a decennial basis). For this reason a part of the group chose to move back to orbit around the planet and have inhabited the station for the last one hundred and seventy three years. The two sub-groups have a relationship similar to that of distant cousins who rarely see each other - they don't go out of their way to interact but do so cordially as and when the need arises.

Since their arrival they have grown particularly attached to their home and have transformed into a community that is fiercely protective of its chosen system and resistant to any attempts at visitation by those who have not been granted access." ― In-Game Description

Phekda has been described as being like Cleethorpes in the off-season, but without the charm. Its basically a dump. Long flight times (6000 LS) to the nearest station. Terrible commodity markets. Terrible outfitting. No rings for mining. No resource extraction sites. It only has two things going for it. Unlimited supplies of biowaste and 4 earthlikes, 3 in close proximity, making for some nice views, and tourists... lots of tourists, who are responsible for generating a lot of the biowaste. Basically a player ground would have to be morons to make it their home... enter The Ancients of Mumu!!!

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