The Old Worlds were the core systems of the Galactic Cooperative. The capital planet was the Earth-like world planet Lave in the Lave system. Nowadays, Lave still has numerous tributes to the GalCop era such as museums and artifacts. This makes it a key tourist venue.

When GalCop disbanded around 3172 it lead to the rise of the Alliance in 3230. Several Old Worlds became part of the Alliance such as Lave, Diso, Leesti and Zaonce. The systems Riedquat and Orerve joined the Federation.[1]

In 3301, Lave and Leesti suffered through long periods of chaos as pirates aimed to control the systems. Order was soon restored in Lave, but Leesti remained controlled by a brutal dictatorship until liberated on September 8, 3302 and returned to the Alliance, after a concerted effort by AEDC, other Alliance groups and Alliance pilots.

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The six systems that make up the Old Worlds are:

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