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Liu Huang is a high tech and refinery system that is primarily known for its main station, McDivitt Dock. Its excellent shipyard and outfitting attracts CMDRs, most notably since late December 3303, as it is one of the Alliance shipyards that sells the Type-10 Defender.

McDivitt Dock also serves as the local base of diplomats of the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps (AEDC), which supports the operations of the ruling faction from here. Visitors might get a glimpse of their combat pilots practicing flight skills in close proximity to the Coriolis - to the delight of visiting passengers entering or leaving the station. Those with apartments facing the outside have gotten used to the occasional ship flying close by their windows[1].

The system is governed to the content of the local population by Future of Udegoci, which also keeps the system under medium level security, and keeps the trade routes open. The Alliance faction expanded into the system on March 13, 3302 and captured Clark Vision outpost on May 3rd. It captured the coriolis station of McDivitt Dock and the system on May 13, just ten days later. It has since repeatedly been the springboard for Future of Udegoci expansions.

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Minor factionsEdit

  • Future of Udegoci
  • Justice Party of Liu Huang
  • Liu Huang Exchange
  • Liu Huang Future
  • Liu Huang Purple Brothers
  • Savi for Equality

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  • Notes about the system.