LTT 4772 Alliance Mandate is an Alliance patronage lobbyist faction that derives its main wealth from its home system LTT 4772, an agricultural and refinery system of 3.35 billion population, near the larger areas controlled by Wolf 406 Transport & Co and LHS 2541 Alliance Combine. It maintains an office in Wolf 406.

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It is the home faction of His Excellency Hubertus von Weissenborn, who traces his heritage back to the old nobility lines of what was known as Germany, and before that the Holy Roman Empire, on Earth in the Sol system. The impeccable manners and powers of manipulation of the old home world aristocrats, as well as the impression his illustrious pedigree has on others, make him a highly effective diplomat for the Alliance. Unfortunately, that has often meant that his own faction has been somewhat neglected, due to his long absences on diplomatic missions.

As a result it has been minded by the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps (AEDC), although the locals grumble they haven't done a particularly good job of it, with waves of investment and activity followed by long periods of neglect as their busy schedule pulls them into other priorities.

The lack of oversight where First Merchantress Victoria Wolf VI and Commodore Helena Stone are involved on a daily basis have not helped the situation. Yet, the AEDC remain committed to its defense, and make occasional speeches about future development.

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Rank Description
Militia New members of the AEDC start off with this rank
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