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LP 673-42 is an extraction and refinery economy system that is an off-the-beaten-track destination, despite its proximity to Apura next door. It attracts a certain amount of tourism, given the only station of Dirichlet Freeport orbits a lava planet very close to the M-class B-star, about 16K Ls from the entry star. The local tourist information office lures with the slogan "Some like it hot", which is not inaccurate. Yet tourists rarely stay for long, as the local hotels can feel a little grimy and industrial.

The system is controlled by LHS 2541 Alliance Combine, after a long period of presence in the system. Having set up


Dirichlet Freeport, LP 673-42 A1 and LP 673-42

shop initially in December 3302, the former ruler LP 673-42 Holdings eluded the Alliance lobbyists for a long time, by distracting the local population with conflicts elsewhere. Their number finally came up in late January/early February of 3304, when they could no longer escape the conflict. Eager to get rid of their former corporate rulers, locals joined in with AEDC diplomats by ransacking the ruler's corporate offices and harassing the local police, while support flocked to LHS 2541 Alliance Combine. The Coriolis station was taken on February 2, 3304, bringing the system into the Alliance fold.

System layoutEdit

Minor factionsEdit

  • LHS 2541 Alliance Combine
  • Lords of LP 673-42
  • LP 673-42 Crimson Dragons
  • LP 673-42 Crimson Energy Inc
  • LP 673-42 Holdings
  • Unified LP 673-42 Cooperative



  • Notes about the system.