Intergalactic Nova Republic is a democracy based out of the Zaragas System.

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Nova Force is a Federation clan with a Federation based in-game faction, the Intergalactic Nova Republic. For Powerplay we technically back Zachary Hudson. However, we do understand that the Empire grind is the gateway to the Cutter and that other Power Play Powers have special weapons as bonuses. Because of this we only require that you rank up with our Federation in-game faction to be a member and not the Federation or Hudson as a whole.

Since we are a Federation leaning group we also tend to back the Federation in CG(Community Goals) and other events. Sometimes we’ll be running the blockade and sometimes we are the blockade. Come get some!

At Nova Force, we value the CMDR themselves over any affiliation in-game.

If you’ll fight for us, we’ll fight for you.

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  • Zaragas
  • Velingai
  • Islastyara
  • Ross 719
  • Berzitici
  • LTT 7453
  • Katuri

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Rank Description
Recruit New members of the order start of with this rank.
Regular description
Trusted description
Lieutenants description
Quartermaster description
Leader description

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1st October 3302
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15th August 3303

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29th August 3303

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11th October 3303

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