HAT 94-00572 is an independent star system controlled by the Order of Enblackenment. It is the second system that was expanded to by them. Originally it was a Federation system under the rule of a confederate faction, Coalition of HAT 94-00572.[1]

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HAT 94-00572 is a low traffic and low population system. While not equipped with the necessary infrastructure and facilities to support large ships, It functions as a staging ground for further expansion into the local subsector for the Order of Enblackenment due to its low population and allowed their next expansion to NN 3365.

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The War for Musa al-Khwarizmi Station Edit

While not large in scale to be noticed by anyone outside the system, this war was key for the Order of Enblackenment to take over the system. Victory was swift as the low population made it possible for the Order to control the main outpost with little effort.

The War for Hooke Station Edit

The War for Hooke station commenced on the 8th December 3303 between the Coalition of HAT 94-00572 and the Order of Enblackenment. Areas of high conflict include planets, A 1, A 4 and A 6. The Coalition had secured support from the Federation in the form of the a Farragut Battlecruiser. Not to be outdone and in a surprise move (Following the severe losses during the war for Smith Stop.), the Order of Enblackenment had secured support from the Empire who have deployed the Majestic class Interdictor.

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  • Order of Enblackenments[2]
  • Coalition of HAT 94-00572
  • Hajangai Industry
  • Evenks Dynamic Ltd
  • Brotherhood of HAT 94-00572
  • HAT 94-00572 Exchange

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  • HAT 94-00572 is a high proper motion star.
  • The system only has two outposts.
  • No Landable planets
  • No large starport.

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