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First Imperial Fleet [1IF] is a german imperial player minor faction, aligned with the senator, Denton Patreus.


First Imperial Fleet concluded its first months as a patronage following months of what many political commentators deem simply a dictatorship.

The Imperial Navy relies on its many Fleets for rapid and decisive military response in addition to keeping garrison of a myriad Imperial systems and it is now commending the 1IF for its unprecedented shift towards a more partitioned regimentation.

The assassination of the late Emperor Hengist Duval led Cmdr Susgedaikin, the Fleet's commanding officer, to institute martial law in order to protect and serve the Imperial citizens the Fleet oversees. From its headquarters in Vaka, 1IF continued to dutifully serve the Emperor and through the careful direction of Admiral Denton Patreus it strengthened and expanded to more than 20 systems.

With the death of Kahina Loren, the chaos and distrust pervading the Empire had dwindled enough for Cmdr Susgedaikin to convene behind closed doors a committee consisting of his highest ranking officers to discuss dividing up his power. Several weeks later the radical change to how the Fleet performs its delegation of Imperial governance took effect.

The new code was soon confirmed to be inspired by Admiral Patreus' own leadership style by the Admiral supplying his utmost approval, "The men and women of the First Imperial Fleet earn no higher honour when they risk their lives for the Imperial citizen to whom they now entrust their esteemed position."



Rank Description
Recruit New members / Younglings who are in training
Pilot Regular member
System-Pilot Regular members who are training in BGS
System-Lord BGS Master / System(s) Owner
Imperial Council 3 Seats Council
Patrone Head of the Group


1st October 3302

  • Foundation

7th June 3304

  • repulsed an internal coup attempt

23th September 3304

  • Patron Susgedaikin transferred his rank to our new Patron LordBauch

11th February 3305

  • Closed the 1iF-Console Wing

26th January 3306

  • Patron LordBauch resigns from his post. The council takes over the management temporarily

09th February 3306

  • The newly elected patron Clancy takes office.


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