Dark Echo is a large Independent player minor faction.

Born of a small pack of pirate hunters protecting traders in the Lave cluster, Dark Echo grew to show what a small group of close-knit pilots can achieve with a common goal: to fight against those which may bring harm to the innocent and peaceful, and to promote the freedom of trade.

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The Prime Tenets of Dark Echo are:-

  1. Protect the innocent
  2. Blow shit up! &
  3. DRINKS!! :)

As Dark Echo were among the first batch of player-factions added to the game, we are now approaching our 3rd anniversary. We are also one of the founding partners of GalCop.

From our quarters within staggering distance of the storied 'Disci Disco Bar and Grill' at Snodgrass Orbital in Disci we have carefully nurtured the growth of our benevolent & freedom-loving ethos to all who have been misled by exploiters & blinded by demagogues.

We are now the guiding light in 29 systems and have a strong presence in another 3.

But our own 'bubble' is by no means the be-all & end-all of Dark Echo.

If it's happening, and seems interesting &/or FUN, anywhere in the galaxy, look close and you'll see us there, representing for humanity.

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Rank Description
Cadet New members are given this rank.
Officer Cadets who have demonstrated their desire to join the faction, and have done deeds in support of the faction be it inside or outside our home bubble will usually attain this rank within a short period.
Leadership Members of the faction who have demonstrated their ability to get the best out of their charges over a considerable time may achieve this rank.
Ambassador Senior Members of Dark Echo who have contributed significantly over a long period to the growth, culture or progress of the faction, but are less active within day-to-day affairs may be offered this rank.
The Dark Council These are the current collective decision-makers of the faction, experienced, wise, kind & helpful to all.

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