A Community goals is an event where CMDR can collectively complete the same task a repetitive task to receive a reward at the conclusion of the event.

About Edit

There are usually 2 community goals per week. All community goals fundamentally function in the same way.

Duration Edit

Community goals tend to last for 1 week but have been known to last for as long as 4 weeks.

Tier level Edit

There are tiered rewards that can be reached when a sufficient quantity of the task has been achieved.

Reaching a new tier unlocks greater rewards for all CMDRs who take part in the community goal.

Participation bracket Edit

CMDRs will received a reward based on their level on input to the community goal compared to all other CMDRs.

The reward brackets are usually structured as so

Top 3 or 10 CMDRs

  • Top 10%
  • Top 25%
  • Top 50%
  • Top 75%
  • Top 99%

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