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Beta Comae Berenices is an industrial and refinery system that was brought into the Alliance by LHS 2541 Alliance Combine and the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps. Located just under 30 LY from Sol, it used to house a Federation military base in Kube-McDowell Relay, which is now in use by the Alliance. Gresley Port provides a variety of industrial machinery to nearby systems.

LHS 2541 Alliance Combine expanded into the system on February 28, 3303, and took control of the military surface port if Kube-McDowell Relay, making an eventual take-over of the system a formality after evicting the Federation navy from it on June 2nd. The system was taken into the Alliance on September 19th, with the capture of Gresley Port.

On April 26, 3304, a mysterious dictatorship called Philosophem Brotherhood appeared in the system, but to no great impact and local authorities have been unable to contact their leadership.

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