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Baudus is a military refinery economy system that is mostly known for its strategic location and military facilities, facing as it does a number of Federation systems.

Future of Udegoci, its current ruler, entered the system on March 23, 3303 and captured on May 27. Local factions and Federation expanded factions had bickered over the system, but the take over for the Alliance promised to bring some order to the system. However, in early September, while the focus of the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps (AEDC) was on the Ross 128 wars, the system was lost in elections to Baudus Co-operative, marking a return to instability, as they soon lost control themselves to Baudus Energy Company on November 19th.

With the AEDC back in action locally, a war with the new rulers returned Baudus back to the Alliance fold.

Since then the majority of the system has seen a return to stability. However other local factions can't seem to stop their fighting over the remaining scraps, despite an effort by the democrats from Udegoci to resolve conflicts by diplomatic means, rather than force. Old habits prove tough to break, though.

System layoutEdit

Minor factionsEdit

  • Baudus Co-operative
  • Baudus Energy Company
  • Future of Udegoci
  • Mistae Systems
  • Nationals of Baudus
  • Raiders of Baudus



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